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Bhuria Women Make The Best Jams In The World

Bhuria Women

Bhuria JamsIn a little farm nestled in the fruit orchards of Himachal Pradesh, a team of inspired women make  India’s best homemade preserves, marmalades, jellies and fruit crushes.  What started as a small kitchen operation in BHUIRA village today spans two registered units, employing over 100 women, sourcing fruits directly from local small farmers. Not only do their products clear all quality standards prescribed by the law, they are the only brand in the Indian market with over 27 varieties and addictive recipes and have won many hearts in India and around the world!

This remarkable journey started when Earthy Goods met the village women in Bhuira (district Rajgarh, HP) over 3 years ago. We spent time with them to understand their challenges and their ambition. We then worked hands on with the team to map their fruit sourcing, organize their production process for optimum output, cost out every bottle, test every variant for quality clearance, encouraged them to use a financial package for their operations—and most of all, continue to enjoy what they do. Earthy Goods then set up a distribution channel for Bhuira Jams that would enable them to access leading stores in North India and hotels all over India. The orders have not stopped coming since. The women now handle a large operation over two production units, receive orders online, plan their production accordingly and make sure their stock gets to their customers on time. They save, send their children to school and are respected by their husbands. They defy every known stereotype of a village enterprise and continue to inspire us with their spirit, their ability and their go-getting attitude.



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