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We look forward to committed professionals to join the team.

So, what does it take to work with us? Well, here are a few things that we look for:

Careers at EarthGoods Foundation

Good old common senseThe ability to problem solve the unexpected in an unfamiliar situation
Roll-up-sleeves and get-to-work attitudeOnce strategy is done, it’s all about hands-on, field implementation while working with local partners. We think enough and DO a lot.
AdaptabilityYes, we’ve all handled large businesses, big budgets and teams in our previous avatars. Working in a small team is different. From sorting out IT issues to your own travel, there’s a lot more that one needs to handle. The good news is that none of this is complex.
Empathy and respectConnect genuinely with challenges faced by our partners, work without qualms and inhibitions with a cross section of people regardless of their background, education or skills
CreativityTake great pictures, write authentic stories, develop out-of-the-standard box solutions

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