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Our Mandate

Our Mandate

Our mission is to empower India’s many invisible artisans and rural micro entrepreneurs with skills, resources and capabilities that would enable them to engage transparently with urban markets on fair terms and earn a secure dignified living.

Our work is based on 2 fundamental (and perhaps commonsensical) premises:

  1. Promoting traditional skill-based rural and peri-urban livelihoods will restore financial security to India’s gifted and talented rural producers and contain urban migration
  2. As urban consumers get direct access to contemporary handcrafted, natural products made by our rural producers, it will set off a create a culture of positive consumption in India – where our acts of purchase not just satisfy us but also make a difference.

We believe that for real impact it is necessary to work on the complete chain from building producer capability to creating market appetite. Hence we’re an exceptional organization that covers the entire spectrum.

Small & Micro Enterprises

Why Small & Micro?

Micro and small entrepreneurs support a large number of formal and informal jobs in the economy today. They play an important role in our economy as they provide local employment opportunities especially for women to enable them to earn supplementary incomes for their families.

For growth and progress to be equitable in India, it is absolutely critical that rural enterprises get all the support they can get so that people get employment where they are and the pressures of urban migration ease on our cities.


Earthygoods Foundation - who we work with

 Who do we work with?

The Foundation works primarily with micro enterprises, non-profit livelihood based organisations and artisans to build their ability to create marketable products, meet market standards and earn a secure livelihood. Across India, these segments face unique challenges and often lack access to professional inputs in enterprise management, supply chain, marketing and operational skills.

The purpose of the Foundation is to ensure that small producers do not get excluded from mainstream markets because of their inability to afford resources or inputs in market trends, product innovation & quality, appropriate technology, enterprise skills and access to markets.

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