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Donor Organisations: 

Partner with Us Through a portfolio of strategic programs, EGF aims to create a supportive and catalytic ecosystem for micro and small enterprises that promote traditional livelihoods. Micro-enterprises working in the handicraft industry in particular have been starved of critical inputs such as technical and marketing capabilities. Our comprehensive set of programs for such enterprises includes:

  1. Capacity building toolkit for micro-entrepreneurs
  2. Open source business process templates for micro-small enterprises
  3. Online aggregated market access platform
  4. Assisted marketing support to individual micro-entrepreneurs

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Corporate Foundations:

Partner with UsEarthy Goods Foundation can advise you on CSR strategy and implementation. We work with corporate teams to:

  1. Create business-focused CSR strategies and programs with clear, measurable impact indicators
  2. Identify the right implementation partners on the ground and build their capability to implement CSR programs effectively
  3. Develop cause-based campaigns aligned with customer facing brands
  4. Sign up for the “Gift for Good” program.
  5. Train existing NGO partners, build their skills and capabilities through:
  • Training in enterprise skills such as accounting, business development and marketing
  • Creation of customized training programs based on skill gaps

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NGOs and community organizations often do brilliant work on the ground, but fall short in enterprise skills.

Does your organization need inputs and training on design, product development, marketing, financial budgeting and planning, supply chain mapping or production planning?

We can help your team by providing customized training and capacity-building inputs for all of the above.

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