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SALONI Girls get Ready for Work

Godrej SaloniGodrej Saloni LogoSaloni is a part of Godrej’s flagship employability CSR program that aims to create 1 million employable Indians across vocations by 2020. Saloni focuses specifically on training women from low income families in beauty services to enable them to earn a living. Earthy Goods was invited to by Godrej to prepare a customized enterprise and life skills training programme, train the technical trainers and deliver the training to assess its effectiveness.

Graduate Profile and Training Structure: Saloni graduates were a mix of young girls and married women. They came from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds and areas including impoverished pockets of Mumbai and its industrial suburbs. Their conviction to earn for themselves and their families bound them into a cohesive group. Based on their aspirations, the workshop focused on 3 distinct modules on how to apply for a job, set up their own enterprise and work from home. To start with, they were given life skills training on preparing for a working career.

Godrej Saloni

During the intense 5 day workshop, the graduates learnt how to:

  • Make their Resumes
  • Apply and interview for jobs
  • Make their rate cards
  • Hire staff
  • Make and manage customers
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Take charge of marketing
  • Make a budget for consumables
  • Make their Profit and Loss statement

The girls grew in confidence with each passing day. They crunched numbers, learnt to lead teams, dealt with difficult customers, made market savvy names and campaigns for their future enterprises and even involved their families in the programme. Their desire to change their lives came through as they made the most of the workshop.

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